Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2024
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The beautiful island paradise that’s 32C in February and a direct flight from the UK | Travel News | Travel

While cold winter nights persist in the UK, this tropical island paradise offers a respite with scorching 32C temperatures common in February. 

For travellers looking for winter sun, Mauritius offers an island getaway with numerous direct flights from the UK. 

This stunning island nation in the Indian Ocean offers tourists vistas of sapphire blue waters and white sand beaches contrasted with the dense jungles of the country’s inland. 

While Mauritius is the perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday, it also offers the more intrepid world-class diving and snorkelling off of its pristine shores. 

Perhaps the island’s best feature, temperatures in February soar to the low 30s offering Brits a much-needed respite before spring arrives in the UK. 

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Wildlife enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Mauritius is teeming with endemic animals including more than 100 bird species. Sperm whales can be found off the coast while several species of giant tortoise also roam the island. 

Hundreds of native flowering plants paint the country’s rainforest with swathes of colours and beautiful native ebony trees offer varying shades of emerald. 

While the nearly 12-hour flight from London to the beautiful island paradise may be daunting to some travellers, the lack of layovers and the hassle of switching planes makes Mauritius a perfect place to visit for a week or more. 

For Brits looking to escape the chill and catch some February sun this winter, look no further than the Indian Ocean paradise of Mauritius.

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