Published On: Sun, Feb 4th, 2024
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The beautiful train that embraces fjords, glaciers and Europe’s highest mountain plateau | Travel News | Travel

A beautiful train trip has captured the attention of hardcore travellers after they realised it embraced fjords, glaciers and even Europe’s highest mountain plateau. The Bergen Railway is one of the world’s most beautiful and whizzes you past some of the most spectacular scenery that Europe has to offer. 

Tourists will set off from Oslo Station and within two hours will be soaking in the glorious sights of the Hallingdal Valley, where you can get out and say hello to the bears at Bjorneparken Bear Park, which is about a mile from the station. 

After this, punters will want to get off at Hemsedal, where you can stay for a touch of skiing if it’s winter, or go on some of the nicest hikes in the world if the weather is right. For those brave enough, you can try ferrata climbing – where you scoot around vertical cliffs by clipping yourself into bars that are essentially stapled into the rock – or try your hand at downhill mountain biking. 

After this, the train will take you to the mountain village of Geilo at the halfway point of your journey. Here, you can go skiing, hiking, or opt to go down one of northern Europe’s longest ziplines in the nearby Summer Park. Fishing, horseriding and rafting are also potential activities to get your teeth stuck into. 

The train then jumps up to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau where you can do all sorts of winter or summer outdoors activities. The whole of the plateau is above the treeline, meaning there are all sorts of fascinating alpine animals, including wild reindeer herds. 

Now, the train starts heading back down the mountains and towards the fjords, which offer some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. Fjords are formed when glaciers from thousands of years ago carve deep U-shaped valleys in the land, before the ice melts and leaves beautiful shapes. 

The train then terminates at Bergen, a coastal town renowned for its fishing and delightful food. 

The train has a special family coach which allows parents to let their children run around on playgrounds with climbing frames. Seat reservations are mandatory for everyone, and you can also make the journey at night, in which case a bed needs to be reserved. The Oslo to Bergen railway is fully included in an EU interrail pass

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