Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2024
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The London Underground’s most pointless journey that’s quicker to walk | UK | News

The London Underground, despite being a regular target of complaints, is one of the world’s top metro systems. It’s huge and serves nearly all of London, making it a treasure trove of interesting facts for train enthusiasts.

One such fact is what’s considered the most pointless journey on the Tube. This is the trip between Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

These two stations are so close that the journey only takes 45 seconds on the Piccadilly line.

However, with the time spent waiting for the Tube, going down the steps, and getting through the ticket barriers, it’s often quicker to walk the five minutes instead.

Even Transport for London (TfL) suggests walking or cycling this route. Despite this, the journey from Covent Garden to Leicester Square remains popular to take on the Tube. According to, 254 people (enough to fill two carriages) choose to make this trip daily, rather than walking it, while 158 travel in the opposite direction.

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