Published On: Tue, Jul 9th, 2024
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The mermaid beach in the UK that looks like it should be abroad | Travel News | Travel

As we all hope for a break in the clouds and some much-needed sunshine, thoughts turn to seaside escapes during the school summer holidays.

Tucked away in a serene part of Kent lies Mermaid Beach in Folkestone, an undiscovered treasure that’s definitely worth a visit.

Despite its name, which comes from the sea defence it hosts rather than any mythical creatures, this pebbly stretch is a favourite spot for swimming among both locals and tourists.

The beach boasts a distinctive coastline that resembles a mermaid’s tail from an aerial view, and it’s dotted with quaint, pastel-coloured beach huts available for hire, adding to the charm of this special shingle sanctuary.

A TikTok user, Thadsha_xx, couldn’t hide her affection for this idyllic spot in Kent, posting a 21-second clip of her sunny stroll down to the beach with the caption “I feel like I’m abroad when I come here”.

Another enthusiast, Ri1ya, took to social media to express their amazement, commenting: “I’ll stop posting it when I get over the fact this is in the UK,” reports the Mirror.

Folkestone, steeped in history, offers a selection of stunning beaches, with Sunny Sands Beach being the crowd favourite. Moreover, nature lovers flock to the area to traverse a segment of the spectacular England Coastal Path, a vast 2,800-mile trail that includes a picturesque passage from Folkestone to Ramsgate in Kent.

The seaside town is also famous for its Creative Quarter, renowned for its cobblestone streets, brightly painted buildings, and vibrant atmosphere. This area is home to a variety of unique shops, art galleries, and eateries, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors will also see numerous works of art scattered throughout the town, and many art lovers embark on a treasure trail to discover pieces by 74 different artists, including a piece by the renowned Banksy. This artistic touch adds to the town’s charm and makes it a truly worthwhile place to visit.

Folkestone Harbour is another scenic spot, often described as postcard-perfect. With its colourful boats, historic brick buildings, and lush woodlands in the background, the harbour provides a picturesque setting.

Visitors can also find numerous bars and restaurants, perfect for dining while taking in the beautiful views.

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