Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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The Sega Saturn is getting a new game nearly 30 years after it launched | Gaming | Entertainment

New retro-style game releases are increasingly common in 2024, as developers release brand new games for classic systems like the Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive, NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast. Xeno Crisis is one of the best examples of a recently developed game launching on older consoles, with the shooter releasing on everything from the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, to the SNES, Mega Drive, N64 and NEO GEO CD. One console that doesn’t get a lot of love, however, is the Sega Saturn, which is why it’s great to see one developer announce plans to (potentially) bring a delightful looking arcade-style racing game to the underrated machine.

Parking Garage Rally Circuit is the brain child of solo game developer Walaber. It’s currently in development for PC and Linux, but will get a Nintendo Switch release if it sells 50,000 copies, and a SEGA Saturn release if it manages 100,000 sales.

With a visual style that screams Sega Saturn, the game tasks players with racing around parking garages using chain-based drifting in order to obtain Mario Kart-style speed boosts.

The main campaign takes place across multiple parking garages in the US, all of which have been transformed into race courses.

According to the developer, the game is designed to look, feel and sound like a lost Sega Saturn release, which is clear when you see the gameplay trailer below.

“Parking Garage Rally Circuit delivers delightfully fun time trial racing that’s easy to pick up and play but requires skill to master as you unlock new car classes and compete to top the leaderboards,” reads the official description.

It’s said to combine the best of Rally and circuit racing, featuring a one-player against the clock-style rally experience, but on lap-based tracks in parking garages.

The courses are also said to change slightly from lap to lap, as new obstacles form throughout the course of a race.

It’s also said to feature “dynamic” physics, not to mention a simple interface, chunky polygon visuals and more.

With a planned 2024 release date, Parking Garage Rally Circuit is currently available to wishlist on Steam.

Here’s hoping it meets its sales targets, because we’d love to see a new game release for the Sega Saturn, or at the very least, Nintendo Switch.

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