Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2023
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The stunning UK bay wowing tourists because of the unusual colour of its sea | UK | News

Britons up and down the country have been making the most of the hot September weather, with many visiting the UK’s pristine beaches to take a dip or enjoy the sea breeze.

Among the coastal sites attracting large crowds is Carbis Bay Beach in St Ives, Cornwall, near the southwestern tip of the UK.

Not only is it known for its cleanliness and excellent water quality, having been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status in 2019, but for the magnificent colours of the sea.

The crystal clear waters and stunning blue hues have been captivating tourists and locals for years with many taking to Tripadvisor to praise the area’s natural beauty.

Jill Whiteley said: “The sea is the most fabulous colour – it didn’t fail to take my breath away. You could be forgiven for thinking you were abroad.”

The bay’s lush cliffside and position on the Atlantic Coast assures tranquil waters, making it the ideal spot for swimming or gazing out to sea.

Another traveller from Leeds was taken aback by the clear waters. Laura said: “I’ve never seen sea water that colour before, and I’d say I’m fairly well travelled. It was a beautiful light green, clear and clean looking. Really calm water with families having a lovely time on the sand and in the water.”

In another review, Lynn B wrote: “I’m stunned by the beach, the view and the colours every time I visit.. crystal clear turquoise sea.”

The beach-goer also offered advice when visiting the area: “We live in Cornwall and find that the cost of parking at beaches can really add up in the high season, so we take a picnic and reduce the cost of the day out to just the parking fee…or walk down and picnic for free!”

Speaking to Cornwall Live, Hannah Jones from Marine Discovery explained the colour phenomenon: “The clarity and turquoise colour in west Cornwall compared to say the North Sea or Bristol Channel is also because of the heavy sand particles which sit on the seabed, and lack of sediment swirling around in the water column.”

Ms Jones also believes the lack of major rivers is also a contributing factor to the clear water which means no “mud and silt” travels down to the bay and beaches.

Visitors to Carbis Bay Beach also take to the sea to enjoy a range of aquatic pursuits. Paddleboarding and kayaking are popular activities, with many tourists seen jogging or strolling along the mile-long beach and looking out onto the beckoning blue of the bay.

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