Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2024
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This award-winning 60 facial mask fights signs of ageing and makes skin glow

A woman has found an affordable beauty device that helped her achieve a subtle glow. If you want to avoid forking out hundreds on pounds for facial treatments, the Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Mask, which retails for £59.95, is ideal. It has multiple functions for anti-ageing benefits and a glowing complexion.

Sharing on Instagram, the shopper said: “Do you enjoy facials but not the costs? Then let me put you onto this one. This is the Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Mask with nine functions in one device. This mask warms up your skin and opens your pores to help absorb the skincare products better.

“With the full spectrum LED light technology (blue light to kill bacteria and balance out oil production and red light to trigger the body’s natural healing process), you’re able to choose from various wavelengths and colours to treat your skin tailored to your needs.”

She placed a sheet mask on the device and squeezed a small amount of hydration mask on it before switching on the palm-sized device. The Geske app can give guidance on the settings depending on your skin’s needs.

“It can also de-puff your face with the cooling feature and massage it with the SmartSonic Pulsation Technology. No more need for expensive spa treatments when you can just do it at home, at any time you want for less than £60,” she added.

The German beauty tool has won multiple design awards – including the prestigous Red Dot Award. The warm setting helps to open the pores for a deep cleanse and the cryo “deep cooling” mode instantly shrinks pores and brightens the skin tone.

One shopper has incorporated the mask into her daily routine, and said: “The cooling function is particularly pleasant and useful on warm days.”

Another wrote: “I use less makeup since I started using the Geske mask. It gave my skin a natural glow and I’m loving it!” But one mentioned a tiny design flaw and complained that the sheet mask “came off when dragging the device across face”.

Other than Geske, Magnitone’s Rocket 5-in-1 device also works to visibly sculpt, smooth and depuff – and you can get it on Lookfantastic for £140.99.

While CurrentBody’s celebrity-loved LED Mask works on red and near-infrared LED to reduce wrinkles and boost circulation – you can get yours for £299 on their website. A 65-year-old tried it for three months and said: “There has been a definite improvement in the appearance of my pores (especially on my nose).”

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