Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2024
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Tourists urged to travel hand-luggage only to avoid airport issues | Travel News | Travel

A tourism personality has offered a number of tips that can help travellers get the most from their hand luggage.

To do away with the frustration of waiting at the airport baggage carrousel and the fear that the airline company has lost their bags, Sophie Nadaeu from the travel blog Solo Sophie has noted that a growing number of tourists are ditching conventional suitcases in favour of simply using hand luggage.

In a recent blog post, Sophie highlighted that travellers planning on doing this themselves should always start by choosing a lightweight and deceptively spacious bag.

She advised: “When it comes to carry on cases, I personally look for a bag that’s not too heavy, as many airlines have a restriction on the weight of your bag and the case is factored into this, and something that is durable as well as spacious.

“A personal favourite of mine is a case that is soft as opposed to hard-shelled, so that I can stuff more things in!”

The blogger also suggested that tourists thinking about travelling with hand luggage only should be very considerate about everything that they pack for their time away.

In particular, Sophie noted focusing on items that are versatile and serve multiple purposes, such as how a scarf can also be used as a makeshift blanket.

When packing clothes, she highlighted on making sure each item could be used within multiple outfits, focusing on neutral patterns and colours.

Sophie also recommended that travellers should make sure that they can still be organised during and after the holiday by packing small bags that can separate dirty laundry from fresh clothes.

She added: “When it comes to travelling with hand luggage only, you’ll want to try and be as organised as possible so that you can make proper use of the space available. This means compartmentalising your things and placing them in plastic bags, or canvas bags if you’re trying to be environmentally friendly.

“Be sure to bring plenty of extra bags so you don’t have to mix your clean and dirty laundry, no one likes doing this, even by accident!”

Finally, the travel blogger advised that they should always try to wear their heaviest items at the airport to prevent the bag from exceeding the weight limit.

She continued: “Of course, when you’re travelling with just hand luggage, finding enough space is your worst enemy. After all, you don’t have very much of it.

“To conserve space, and make sure you’re able to pack that extra pair of sunglasses or even that extra dress, be sure to wear all of your heaviest items while actually travelling. Things like heavy boots and winter coats take up plenty of space and can easily be worn through the airport instead.”

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