Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2024
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Travel expert shares how to save money on flights in minutes | Travel News | Travel

A travel expert has shared a number of tips that can help tourists get the best possible flight prices for their next holiday.

Raychel runs the TikTok page @notluxe and typically posts short videos offering advice to other tourists about the best ways to save money and the coolest destinations to visit.

In a popular video, Raychel shares an incredibly useful feature on the website Skyscanner that can help open-minded travellers find the perfect flights for their budget.

She advised: “You can search by the entire month and, if you click Explore Everywhere, it will show you the cheapest destinations to travel to during that month.

“This will help if you have some vacation [holiday] time to use but you have a limited budget. Of course, always search in incognito mode for all of these.”

In the video, Raychel explained that tourists who have set themselves a budget for their next holiday but do not know where to visit can use the Explore Everywhere feature on Skyscanner.

This allows users to set a month they are interested in flying in and a rough estimate of the money they are happy to spend.

Whilst the website does not initially give exact prices for specific flights, it creates an average cost to show how much flying to each location is worth.

Similarly, Raychel highlighted that Google Flights has a similar budget which showcases each destination’s location and typical price on a map.

She continued: “Everyone seems to love Google Flights, I only kind of do, but by far my favourite feature on Google Flights is the Anywhere feature.

“You can set a budget and look around the world at flights that fit into your price range. This is really good for people who don’t have any idea where they want to go.”

Finally, Raychel recommended that tourists who have an idea of where they would like to travel look up the best times to travel on Momondo, suggesting this site is always where she looks first.

She added: “The second website we’re going to talk about is Momondo. I never book flights unless I’ve cross-referenced all of these websites, but I love this feature at the top of the website.

“Here you can compare the prices of specific dates and it’s crazy because sometimes you can save hundreds by leaving a couple of days earlier or later. I actually go to Momondo first [to check flight prices] because of this.”

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