Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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Traveller shares flying tip that helps tourists if they lose their bag | Travel News | Travel

A travel expert has taken to YouTube to share two practical tips that can help tourists have peace of mind, knowing that their luggage is safe.

Erika Kullberg is a lawyer who regularly makes YouTube videos where she shares flying tips based on her previous experiences on aeroplanes.

In a popular video, Erika shares a tip that can help holidaymakers get compensation if the airline loses their luggage.

She explained: “I take a picture of my suitcase before I check it in. If you already follow me, you know that if your bag is damaged, delayed or lost, the airline is responsible for up to $3,800 (£3,050).

“I take the picture as proof of what the bag looked like at check-in, just in case I need to claim that money.”

In the video, Erika takes a photo of her luggage at the airport directly before checking it in to use as proof in case anything happens to it.

According to Citizens Advice, passengers have a legal right to claim compensation if their checked-in luggage has been delayed, damaged or lost.

In most cases, the airline company will give affected passengers essential items, such as underwear and soap, in addition to a small amount of money to go towards replacing or repairing contents.

Later in the video, Erika also stated that she has recently started fitting tracker tags to her bags so she knows exactly where they are located.

She added: “I just started this one a few months ago but it helps me to keep track of my bags. I pop an air tag in every bag.

“Once I land, I’ll know where every bag is or, if it’s been lost or delayed, I’ll know so I can file a claim.”

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