Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2024
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Trinny London’s anti-ageing cream for sagging necks now comes in a £28 travel size

Trinny Woodall’s beauty brand, Trinny London, has just launched a mini version of its much-loved “gravity-defying” neck cream for £28.

With a space-saving design, the Elevator Neck and Décolleté Concentrate Mini means beauty lovers can leave their full-sized bottle (£69) at home when travelling.

The Elevator works as a serum and a moisturiser, aiming to target and prevent the factors that lead to accelerated ageing and provide a lifting effect.

Shoppers have noticed an improvement after using it for eight weeks and 90% of them said their jawline has become “more defined”. The encapsulated alpha arbutin works on fading ages spots while the nanopeptides rebuild the skin and boost collagen production.

Trinny advised people how to apply The Elevator in a video, saying: “Put it on your neck and décolleté, I generally get all the product around those areas and then I go back in for some really good massaging.

“Around your neck and down. If you want to, you can do a bit of lymphatic [massage], so you could just go between your collarbone and your chest bone. Do ten times to the left and ten to the right – and then around the side of your neck. Really feel our motto of looking up. You could do some scissoring underneath your jawline and this is going to press the product further in.

“When you feel it’s fully absorbed, you’re done.”

One 83-year-old tried The Elevator and said: “I have been using The Elevator for a few weeks and I have noticed a difference in my neck. Then wrinkles are less defined and the texture is much nicer.

“I am 83 years old and my dermatologist keeps asking me what I’m using on my face, all of Trinny London products have changed the look of my skin.”

Another used the concentrate to treat her post-chemotherapy skin and commented: “My face/neck was destroyed by the 21 treatments of chemotherapy, I’m on my 2nd bottle of The Elevator, and see a slight difference beginning. I’m going to keep using it. I like the smell of the lotion and texture. It’s helping me.”

“I am in my 60s and have lived in the sun all my life and it definitely showed on my neck. From the first use of The Elevator the skin on my neck showed improvement, less crepey sun-damaged skin. After a few weeks of use, morning and night, the improvement is incredible!” a third added.

Some other shoppers said they have to test it for a longer period to see the difference but they like the non-greasy texture. One added: “Have been using religiously for about a week, but so far have not noticed any difference. I will persevere and hope to get some results as it’s very expensive and I’ve never spent so much on a skin cream before!”

Instead of forking out £68 for the full-sized version, shoppers can get the mini, which is 14ml, for £28. Meanwhile, Prai Beauty’s Ageless Upper Arm Creme works on tightening skin on the upper arm and refining skin texture. Boots shoppers can enjoy 10% off and get this for £21.59.

Abolute Collagen’s Deep Lift Neck & Dec Cream, £55, has left some shoppers with tightened skin after just one use, with 80% of reviewers noticing their complexion appeared smoother after two weeks.

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