Published On: Sun, May 12th, 2024
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Two key signs that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘monetising’ royal ties exposed | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of cashing in on their links to the Royal Family once again.

The couple were in Nigeria this weekend to promote their work with the Invictus Games.

But several moments during an event at the Nigerian Defence Headquarters in the country’s capital of Abuja have raised questions about their true intentions.

The couple’s chairs were labelled with “Duke” and “Duchess” at the reception, as opposed to their first names.

Harry and Meghan tried to move away from their titles in 2020, after stepping down as senior working royals and relocating to the US to carve out careers away from the monarchy.

Royal expert Robert Jobson told the Daily Express: “They seem to be clinging on to the very same thing they have been trashing. Why can’t they just be themselves?

“This is about currency and not credibility.

“It should be Meghan and Harry, not Duke and Duchess.

“It’s a shame that Harry cannot be himself. After all, his mother was always simply Diana.

“It was good enough for her, why isn’t it for him?”

During the same event, Prince Harry was also slammed for inspecting troops from the Nigerian military.

Video footage showed Harry being personally greeted by a ceremonial performance before carrying out the inspection.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield described the moment as “odd” adding it was “something he would have done 10 years ago” before he was stripped of his royal title.

She told GB News: “Despite being stripped of his military titles by the late Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry in Nigeria was seen inspecting the troops. This is odd.

“He’s not a working member of the Royal Family. That’s something he would have done 10 years ago.

“And I think that that is exactly what we see with Harry and Meghan. And the objective, again, is to monetise off of those connections.”

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