Published On: Sat, Nov 18th, 2023
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Uber driver tries to max out money in one shift but passenger leave shocking item behind | World | News

A YouTube Uber driver shared the astonishing amount of money he could make driving Halloween weekend – but also revealed how one passenger left something unbelievable behind.

Your Driver Mike posted on his channel about how he was trying to max out his earning over the busy holiday time because people often shared rides going to parties and enjoying the festivities.

But after one journey Mike explained he dropped off a passenger and around a block later checked the back seat to see if they had left anything behind. He said: “I should probably check the back, maybe a half a block, right, it wasn’t like immediate.”

Mike explained he turned on his interior lights “and I saw this passenger had forgotten something” before he added that this in itself isn’t an unusal occurence when taxi-ing people around, but the ‘something’ they had forgotten this time was unusual.

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In this instance Mike said because he had another passenger lined up on the app he couldn’t go to a ‘help’ section to flag the item left by the previous rider.

Because he was in the midst of a “surge pay” time, Mike dealt with the matter at the end of his shift reporting via the app the lost item and hoping to call the passenger.

However, Mike explains the fare did not pick up the initial call and he went on to say the item he found was quite a rare event.

Holding up a wedge of cash Mike says: “So this passenger left behind $680 (£550).

“I left a voicemail, name, phone number, I said ‘Hey, I was your Uber driver, and I simply said ‘you left something in my vehicle.”

Wallets, cell phones and purses, Mike explained were all thing he had left behind in his cab and usually he would reunite the person with their property the same night because they would answer when he called.

Filming an update Mike said the initial passenger he thought the money was from turned out not to be the passenger. However, he had not shared with them what the item was.

In the end after contacting multiple passengers Mike tried Uber for help, but despite Uber thinking they had narrowed it down and Mike expecting to be called, by the end of his video he still hadn’t had anyone collect the mystery cash.

Signing off Mike says: “I’ll let you know when I can finally hand this thing (the cash) off.”

During three days of work over Halloween the Uber driver said he made around $500, or about £400.

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