Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023
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Ultimate Galaxy S23 Ultra deal is so cheap you’ll want to upgrade

Been thinking about making the jump to the new Galaxy S23? Now could be a very good time to invest with the best Galaxy S23 Ultra deals getting even better. One new offer that stands out comes via EE with the network releasing a massive discount on its premium unlimited plan. The bundle includes the 256GB version of the Ultra along with all-you-can-eat 5G data – that means you can binge on endless boxsets and scroll through hours of TikTok content without fear of the internet running out.

This plan also offers EE’s best very download speeds which means files and films can be whizzed to the device at speeds in excess of 300Mbps. Not all of the network’s plans offer top-notch 5G connectivity with the firm capping some contracts at maximum level – that’s not the case with this S23 Ultra bundle.

This deal usually costs a whopping £91 per month but EE has slashed that cost to a more affordable £73 – that’s a saving of more than £400 over the two-year contract.

That’s a mighty reduction but things get even better if you are happy to hand over your current Samsung handset. EE says that those who trade in what they already own can drop the monthly price by another £18 per month. That takes things down to just £55.


The total savings with both discounts applied is a whopping £864 which is certainly worth your attention.

Of course, it’s not just EE offering discounts. Sky Mobile has also dropped the price of the ultimate Galaxy S23 Ultra model – which packs a whopping 512GB of built-in storage – below the cost of the standard handset (with 256GB of storage).

For those who want to store thousands of photos, boxsets to binge, documents, and music on their Galaxy S23 Ultra, spending less money to get twice as much storage is a no-brainer. As well as the additional storage, the 512GB model comes with 12GB of RAM – compared to 8GB with the entry-level model.

Sky Mobile plans start from £53 per month for 3GB of speedy 5G data, as well as unlimited calls and texts.

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