Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2023
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We asked AI what Brexit Britain will look like in 2050 and it looks like Singapore | UK | News

We asked AI to imagine what Great Britain and London might look like in 25 years – and the results are truly startling.

Using artificial intelligence a computer modelled the future UK on what it knows now, and far from the doom and gloom Remainers might predict the country looks like a super hi-tech powerhouse.

In these images certain London landmarks seem to be at first still visible, but the AI has actually taken some of the most famous ones like the Gherkin and multiplied them around the city.

What is most striking is the amount of greenery that adorns many of the skyscrapers, perhaps a nod to how we are all thinking about the environment more in a modern-day 21st century Britain.

The imaginations are very Singapore-esque, with the modern buildings combined with the forest element – as in Singapore and other Middle-East cities, there is a huge amount of greenery.

Westminster and St Paul’s are dwarfed by the massive scale of the futuristic buildings and a huge transport network, presumably built to cope with a population that could exceed 11 million by 2050.

As well as recognisable aspects like the transit system, in some of the images there are also a host of flying machines in the sky perhaps signalling the use of airborne public, or even private, transport on a massive scale.

Already in the UK there have been proposals to trial drones to deliver everything from pizza, medicine and Amazon parcels to customers with negotiations currently ongoing with air safety authorities.

Flying car designs are being pioneered all over the world and one firm in California could have one on sale as early as 2025, but for an eye-watering cost of £236,000.

The surprising amount of greenery in the picturesque predictions of the future could be down to a number of factors. Increased global temperatures may have given London a tropical rainforest-like climate for one thing.

But also innovative design, like that showcased in the recent eVolo Skyscraper Competition, could mean designers have created so-called ‘living skyscrapers’ combing living natural and man-made materials.

In 2021 a team from Ukraine won the eVolvo prize designed a building that was moulded from fast-growing trees which grew around an artificial frame.

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