Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2024
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We tried Acer’s newest £2000 gaming monitor at IEM Katowice | Gaming | Entertainment

When it comes to gaming extravagance, there’s no one who really does it better than Acer Predator with some of its most over-the-top peripherals and hardware that realy doesn’t do itself justice until you actually see it in person.

We were invited to see some of Acer Predator’s newest products at IEM Katowice that it has coming around the corner after announcing its newest line of products at CES 2024 – and you might want to hold onto your hats.

One of the most standout products was the Acer Predator Z57 – and its probably one of the most over-the-top monitors you can get if you’re a gamer.

It has a 57-inch screen with a 120hz screen and spans a whopping 7680×2160 pixels. It doesn’t really stop there because the monitor also has AMD FreeSync Premium built-in to stop that annoying screen tearing. It also has comes with dual HDMI 2.1 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.3.

Acer says it also comes with 2304 dimming zones thanks to its mini-LED technology and comes armed with a ESA DisplayHDR 1000 to capture all those pretty lights and colours. If you think there’s nothing else, you’d be mistaken. There’s also a dual 10W speakers built inside so you can capture all the nuances while you game.

We sat down with the mind-boggling monitor to see what its capable of and its something you really need to see to believe. You’re immediately wrapped up by the sheer size of it, how vivid the screen is and you better make sure you have a big enough desk space to handle it.

The screen looks extremely crisp and Acer claims the Predator Z57 is not just aimed at gamers but also content creators who need all the screen space possible without wanting the pain of multiple monitors set up. The Z57 really does allow you to fit tons of windows onto one screen, making content creation much easier.

But if you want to go out and spend your hard-earned cash on the Z57, you’ll have to wait for a bit as Acer predicts that the monitor won’t be out until Q2 of 2024 but make sure you’re saving those pennies.

And if you’re wondering just how many pennies you’ll be spending, you’re looking at 2,399 Euros or about £2,199 here in the UK. 

If you’re looking for something similar and you want it now, Samsung has released the Odyssey Neo G9 which is currently being sold for a similar price. It comes with a 57-inch curved screen, a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time and FreeSync Premium Pro.

We also saw some of Acer’s newest gaming laptops set to hit the market including the Predator Helios 18 which is set to release in March 2024.

It comes packed with an Intel Core i9 processer, NVIDIA’s latest RTX 4090 Series graphics card, up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM – all being shown on a stunningly crispy 18-inch screen with a 16:10 ratio.

One of the coolest things we tried out was the MagKey 3.0 which felt like we were using a mechanical keyboard on our fingertips. They’re swappable and have such a satisfying ‘click’ when you navigate the WASD keys.

Valerie Piau, VP for marketing and new business EMEA at Acer Predator spoke exclusively to the Daily Express and called the laptop “the best of the best”.

She added: “We’ve been listening to gamers and they asked for a larger screen and that’s what we are bringing to this notebook. 18-inch for me is defintely the future for real gamers.” The Helios 18 is set to release later this month, starting at 3,999.

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