Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2024
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Winds of Winter release – George RR Martin on how next book will be announced | Books | Entertainment

This week marks 13 years since the publication of A Dance with Dragons, the latest book in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Since then the Game of Thrones TV show has come and gone, while George RR Martin still has two novels in the series to go.

The Winds of Winter is up next and now the 75-year-old author has addressed rumours surrounding its release in his latest blog post.

The writer shared how he’s about to travel to the UK for the “longest trip we’ve taken in a while”.

Aside from visiting the Northern Irish set of Game of Thrones spin-off The Hedge Knight, he’ll be visiting his publishers in London.

Martin wrote: “We have a few more stops planned after Belfast, including one in London, where I will be getting together with my British publishers from Harper Collins Voyager. Let me say a few words about that, though.

“Last year, when I mentioned seeing my Voyager editor in London, the internet went nuts, throwing up all sorts of theories about how this meant that WINDS OF WINTER was done and a huge announcement was at hand. Uhhhh… sorry guys, but no. That’s not how it works. Making contacts… which often turn into friendships… is a huge part of publishing. 

“Most of my communication with my editors and publishers is conducted via emails, phone calls, zooms, and texts (in the old days, we had letters written on paper too). There’s not a lot of face to face, especially when we’re talking about people who live across an ocean… so when I travel, if I have a day or two to catch up with one of my editors or agents, I jump on it. Every time I travel to NYC, I  get together with my literary agents, and my editors at Bantam and Tor.. along with old friends, family, and the like.”

He then went to share how fans can expect The Winds of Winter to be announced.

Martin added: “That’s true everywhere I go. If I fly to Germany for a con or book fair, I will see my German agents, publishers, and translators. If it’s Italy or Spain or Finland, same thing. If I ever find myself in Brazil or Japan or Egypt, I’d try and connect with my Brazilian or Japanese or Egyptian publishers. This is just the standard way of doing business, guys.

“It does NOT signify that some momentous announcement is at hand. It doesn’t signify anything, actually… except a desire to touch base, catch up, renew old contacts or make some new ones… and enjoy a nice meal. So calm down, please. When WINDS OF WINTER is done, the word will not trickle out, there WILL be a big announcement… where and when I cannot say.”

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