Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2024
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Woman buys £100 box of unclaimed mail and finds designer items

A TikToker has gone viral after delving into a massive box of unclaimed mail and revealing her finds.

Becky Chorlton, who operates Becky’s Bazaar both online and at a stall in Liverpool’s Red Brick Market, took to the social media platform to share her adventure.

Becky (@beckysbazaar) is known for her knack in reselling vintage Formula 1, NASCAR, and Harley Davidson items. She dedicates part of her time to hunting down bargains from charity shops, car boot sales, or by purchasing boxes of unclaimed goods.

Her video, captioned “OMG I GOT STONE ISLAND & ADIDAS TRAINERS! Come back for Part 2!!! Box from @Unboxing Heaven,” quickly amassed over 443k views and garnered thousands of likes from eager followers.

In the clip, Becky unveils a large box, priced at £107, brimming with unopened parcels which Unboxing Heaven confirmed in the comments were lost and undelivered items, all in their original packaging.

In the footage, Becky explains: “I got a box of unclaimed returned mail and I’m gonna open each parcel on camera. I’ll make sure to tag where I got it from below – these boxes cost just over £100 and guys, things got very interesting so make sure you stick around.

“First up, I found this rather adorable bag and a mini backpack in the same package. Then I came across these blue light glasses which, naturally, I had to try on.”

“First thing I pulled out was this bag which is quite cute and also in the same package there was a mini backpack. Then I found these blue light glasses which, obviously, I had to try on.

“Oh my God I got so excited when I opened this parcel, it was an Adidas box with trainers inside. They’re size 7.5 so if anyone’s that size let me know.”

Opening the next box, Becky added: “In the next parcel I got this brand new teddy and this is where things got very interesting – I pulled out this Stone Island brand new black sweatshirt. I literally have no idea if its real or not; I am gonna scan the QR code and I’ll let you know in part two if its real or not.

“Next up I pulled out this Longchamp bag – these are like £100 in Selfridges, that’s crazy. I also got a little miniature backpack version as well.

“Once again, I’ve got no idea if it’s real. I still have so many more parcels to open so make sure you follow along for part two.”

In the second part, Becky confirmed that the Stone Island sweatshirt was indeed fake – which she said was “actually kind of sad.”

However, she proceeded to open more of the packages and found some great deals,and some more “cute” but fake items.

She revealed: “Up first was a LilySilk box containing a grey 100% cashmere jumper. She said: “I had a look on the website and these are going for £225, how crazy.”

Becky went on: “Next up was this Michael Kors bag – definitely fake but still cute, and then I pulled out this Sassy Saints manicure set; these are like £100 on the website. In the next parcel I got this white Represent hoodie; it definitely felt fake but still cute.

“And then in the next box I pulled out about five pairs of these sunglasses. This next box was probably the one I was most excited for – I whacked it open and inside was this trophy; very random but still very cool.

“Next I opened up this clothes steamer, and in this box was about six hair thinning essential oils – these are about £9 each on the website. In the next parcel I pulled out some more Longchamp bags – I got a ton of these in part one; I’m pretty sure they’re fake but they’re still very cute. And in the last box I got a necklace making kit with chains and charms.”

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