Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2024
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You can get the ultimate Fire TV Stick upgrade for your living room th

If you have a Fire TV Stick plugged into the back of your TV to stream all your favourite shows and films but have been thinking the sound on your telly could be a little better, then Amazon has the ultimate upgrade for you to consider. The firm has just announced its Fire TV Soundbar is coming to the UK for a price that massively undercuts rivals such as Sonos.

Soundbars are long thin speaker units you hook up to your TV and place in front of the screen to boost the sound quality for your nightly box set binges. Many modern television sets have excellent HD or 4K displays, but some models can often have bad built-in speakers that sound tinny and are far from room-filling.

A soundbar is the solution to this, and priced at a competitive £119.99, the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar could be a new go-to for those in search of an audio upgrade for their TV. The soundbar is available to pre-order from Amazon for a discount price of £99.99, and will remain this price until 29th July, when it ships to customers.

While the new soundbar is likely to pander to the more affordable end of the market, it is well priced. Home entertainment rival Sonos is selling its Beam 2 soundbar for £449 while Sony’s popular HT-S2000 is considered affordable at £299.

“Customers in the US love Fire TV Soundbar and we are delighted to bring the same great product to customers in the UK and Germany” said Emma Gilmartin, Director of Fire TV and Fire Tablets Europe. “Fire TV Soundbar is sleek, affordable and easy to set up, delivering room-filling sound to elevate the home cinema experience.”

The soundbar is Fire TV branded but is an audio-only product – so you’ll need a Fire TV Stick or smart TV setup to access the content you want to watch. If you have a Fire TV Stick, Amazon says you’ll be able to control your Stick and Soundbar with one remote, but it’s good to know that you don’t necessarily need to use a Fire TV Stick as the Soundbar will work with any TV and streaming box or stick.

At just 60cm in length, the Fire TV Soundbar should fit snugly in front of most tellies. It has two-channel audio with support for DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Audio if you’re watching content that supports these audio-boosting technologies.

When you’re not watching the latest blockbusters you will also be able to connect your phone or tablet to the Soundbar via Bluetooth to listen to music or stream something else.

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